Elsword - Notícias

Mean monsters, cool heroes
Mean monsters, cool heroes
The crystal of life has shattered and left deep wounds in the once picturesque Elios. Bandits, wild animals and terrible creatures are ruling the continent now. Become one of the remaining heroes and experience their magical story.

Elsword - Notícias

Elsword: Halloween Pre-event


Seek out Arirod's Hideout!

Date: 8. October - 15. October 2014

  • Timer: a character (level 10+, per account) that is connected to the game for 30 minutes receives 1 'Map of Arirod's Hideout'.
  • Repeat quest available from Aranka (level 10+): 'Arirod's Hideout'; requires: 2x dungeon with matching level; reward: 1 Aranka's Thank-you Coupon
  • Quest available from Aranka (with Map of Arirod's Hideout in inventory): 'Aranka's Thank-you'; requires: 1 Map of Arirod's Hideout, 30x Aranka's Thank-you Coupon; reward: either Coupon for Luriel's Blessed Time-Space Scroll (15 days), Exchange Coupon for Luriel's Fluorite Stone (15 days) or Luriel's Upgrade Scroll Lv.6

* Aranka's Thank-you Coupon can be exchanged with Aranka for one of the following items:

  • 1 coupon: 1x Cube with a Resurrection Stone, 1x Seed from El's Tree, 1x Potion of Resolve, Luriel's Recovery Potion
  • 10 coupons: 10x Enhanced Magic Stone, 10x Luriel's Power Boost Potion, 10x Eldrit Shard (unknown)

Have fun!

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